Data Science.

We believe digital marketing is more science than art. Together we can get rid of data silos and leverage your data to improve your digital marketing.

Customer lifetime value

Do you know what your customers are actually worth? We help you predict their lifetime value to drive long term growth and profitability.

Product profitability

Our in-house profit solution lets us access profit margins on both product and transaction level. This gives insights and the ability to optimize digital marketing efforts towards profitability.


We help you tailor a solution for attribution that suits your business. Whether it is finding the right out-of-the-box model, launching RCTs or using Docklin’s own attribution model, we’ve got you covered.

Churn prediction

Let’s stay together. By predicting customer churn rates we know where to focus marketing efforts to keep the relationship with your customers going.

Incrementality analysis

We make sure that you get the most bang for your buck by looking beyond average profitability. Analyzing where your money is best spent is key to successful performance marketing.

Customer segmentation

Not all customers are equal. Using advanced segmentation of your customer base, we tailor your marketing efforts to create a great experience for your customers across advertising platforms.