Boosting Revenue and ROI through an algorithmic approach to Paid Social

After experiencing a plateau in performance in Paid Social before partnering with Docklin, eleven wanted to find a new data driven approach to expand Paid Social and grow revenue in a profitable way.


Founded in 2004, eleven was one of the first Swedish ecommerce players in the cosmetics industry. By offering a mix of established high end brands with exciting newcomers, eleven has continued to excite their customers. 

increase in revenue

By adopting a more algorithmic approach to Paid Social by consolidating conversion data and feeding Facebook’s machine learning with more signals, Docklin managed to increase YoY revenue by 59% between September-November 2020

decrease in cost of sale

Through leveraging the full weight of Facebook’s algorithms to target more relevant and in-market audiences, Docklin managed to significantly improve profitability despite the dramatic increase in revenue. During September-November 2020, we saw a 61% drop in COS YoY.

increase in CTR

A major strategy was to target the right people with the right content in order to improve engagement and sales. By targeting more relevant audiences and personalizing ads based on intent, CTR increased 38% YoY between September-November 2020.

“We have been working closely with Docklin Digital since 2019 and they have been a great support in achieving our growth and success. Docklin approaches paid SoMe with curiosity, and has led a successful conversion study together with Facebook to analyse channel attribution, which was very interesting to gain more insights to. Docklin has also managed to find ways to decrease our COS and improve the effect of our paid channel ads.”
Julia Bergenstråhle,
E-Commerce Manager, eleven
Docklin’s approach

Algorithmic approach to Paid Social

By changing the account structure and consolidating conversion data, Docklin gave Facebook’s algorithms more signals to improve targeting. On top of that we ‘fed’ the algorithms with valuable first party data in order to leverage as much smartness as possible.


Focus on personalization

With a wide product assortment across many categories, it’s important to tailor content based on as many signals as possible. By developing segment based creatives, based on interests and previous actions, we managed to get the right message across to the most relevant audience.


Dynamic and test oriented approach to creatives

A successful Paid Social strategy often requires a tight link between creators of ad content and the data nerds who manage the campaigns. This has been a key success factor for eleven and Docklin. We have a continuous dialogue regarding creatives based on what the data says and can therefore quickly test and evaluate different creative strategies.